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    • LED lighting related standards in Taiwan

      The effect of leading the industry and international standards will be brought into play, and the quality and safety of LED lighting products will reach international standards.

    • Who can break LED lighting speed melee shuffle?

      " Wu Shirong, director of the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center, said, "If China's LED industry has a unified standard optical component, the LED industry.

    About us

    Zhongshan Angubao Lighting Factory has now serving customer in mainland China and overseas market for over 8 years, we are proud that we won a good reputation by our excellent product quality, leading R&D ability, and quick turn-around, stable capacity together with customer-care services. 

    By the year 2015, Angubao factory covers a modern production plant over15000 ㎡, has more than 150 workers and 10 production lines; The facilities in Henglan ,which near Guzhen town.......................Read more > >

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